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Remote Collector Technology

Heterogeneous lab IT
Innovative laboratories have to face a variety of challenges and usually rely on specific IT solutions to model their individual processes as accurately as possible. This results in a heterogeneous IT landscape with different data repositories such as LIMS, ELN, SAP, SDMS, and MS Excel involving time-consuming manual compilation at reporting time. Continuous process efficiency would require these different systems to be interconnected.

New Remote Controller Technology from up to data gives you the first such consistent system-wide reporting scenario without the need for a highly complex data warehouse solution. Remote collectors from different data sources give you constant access to current data for processing to your own requirements.

Our iStudyReporter package is one example of the solutions available as a reporting basis – a sophisticated reporting suite even in its standard version, which is based on international regulatory requirements for automatic approval-compliant study report generation. Usually, you will only have to configure your templates and adapt them to your organisation's corporate identity, a task made very easy for your lab staff to perform unaided thanks to the newly integrated template management tools. Naturally, we at up to data developed our Remote Collector Technology along the lines of traditional reporting solutions such as Crystal Reports™.

All the tried-and-trusted iStudyReporter reporting capabilities and security technologies such as release cycles with e-signatures, audit trails and detailed access and authorisation management are also available here, ensuring consistent in-house quality assurance at all times. Naturally, you can also transfer the reports generated into your document management system. This gives you  the first ever continuous process from lab data collection to approval report submission.

You can easily expand your custom reporting scenario together with your IT system, individually adapt it to your current requirements, and integrate new solutions efficiently and transparently from the very beginning. Matching Tools track down and eliminate data redundancy by consistent merging.

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EBF 2017
15.11.2017, Barcelona