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LIMS consulting services

A modern lab data management system is indispensable for an innovative lab. Ideally, such a system meets a broad range of requirements and is precisely tailored to the circumstances of the lab in which it is deployed.

The goal here is to optimize lab process planning and management, while at the same time enabling users to obtain a rapid and targeted overview of all measurement and test results.

To this end, an LIMS should make all necessary lab data and functions available to all users round the clock.
Moreover, in order for today’s lab solutions to be genuinely future-proof, they need to respond ever more robustly to new IT trends so as to allow lab processes to be optimized and rendered more efficient.
To this end, it is essential to achieve a robust automation and rapid processing times.

In this context, the issue of integration options in an existing IT infrastructure is becoming ever more prevalent. Mobile data capturing systems such as tablets, electronic lab notebook systems, and interfaces with in-house IT systems such as SAP and SDMS are as essential as networking and data interchange among company sites scattered around the world.
Off the shelf LIMS solutions frequently offer only partial coverage when it comes to the implementation of complex requirements and projects. But in order for LIMS projects to be rolled out successfully and on schedule, much more than just LIMS function implementation is needed.

The main goal of our consulting services is to optimally integrate your company’s proprietary work processes into the target LIMS in a manner that takes account of your internal processes and requirements. In rolling out such solutions, we focus not only on the LIMS per se, but also factor in a sweeping analysis of the interfaces and integration nodes of the LIMS in your organization.

Our consultants have the necessary LIMS expertise and detailed knowledge of lab processes to bring such projects to fruition.

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